In order to investigate the effects of the dietary supplementation of Ropadiar
 as an oregano
essential oil containing mainly carvacrol and thymol on intestinal morphology and
performance of broiler chicks, a total of 496 one-day-old Ross 308 broiler chicks from
different two parentstocks were allocated into two dietary groups. Chicks were assigned to 2
broiler houses with 4 replicates in each using completely randomized design according to a
2×2 factorial (2 Ropadiar levels and 2 flo
cks) for 42 d. Birds weighted and feed intake
recorded at every week. Four birds per treatment on day 42 were randomly selected for
intestinal morphology measurement. The result of this study shows that there was not a
significant association between added Ropadiar
to feed and weight growth or feed
conversion ratio. There was a significant increase in epithelium thickness and villus width in
duodenum and jejunum, increase villus surface area in duodenum, and increase cell area of
goblet in duodenum,  jejunum and ileum (P<0.05). It could be concluded that the key point of
using Ropadiar
 as an oregano essential oil is in maintaining gastrointestinal health and
resistance to pathogens and prevent digestive disorders that may express.
Keywords: Oregano, Carvacrol, Thymol, Intestinal morphology, Broiler chicks
®Kayvan Jelveh1, Iraj Yousefian1, Farhad Foroudi 2
 1-Research & Development Unit, Sepid Makian Co., Rasht, Iran
2- Islamic Azad University Varamin-Pishva Branch, Tehran, Iran

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